I'm giving you the "need to know" before you decide on transitioning or making a big chop. Grab a snack and pen and paper, then hit play! Don't forget to subscribe.



Power is in your hair Queen. You guys have been dying to know about my hair lately so I put it all in a video for you! And... I even added a extra hairstyle in there for you too. Don't forget to subscribe and leave me a comment under the video ☺️  

Natural Hairstyles

Here's some of my favorite hairstyles to do when my twist-outs get old. But keep in mind, the opportunities are endless... Watch me go through the styles: Don't forget to subscribe and tell a curlfriend!

Twist Out on 4C Natural Hair

This is my go-to styling method for my fro. What is life without a twist out? It's quick, simple, low maintenance and super cute. I share some tips on how to get this extremely defined and hydrated twist out look. Let me know if you try it out πŸ˜‰