Space Buns on Natural Hair

If you follow me on social media I’m sure you’ve noticed my space buns. These have literally become my new favorite protective style for the summer.

Since I live in a warmer climate now, I’ll be rocking this style year round. It’s soooo easy to do and I always get so many compliments! My hair is trying to grow out, thank God, so in the meantime protective styles are really helpful. Now while my natural hair isn’t long enough to create buns this full yet, I use a simple method to get my desired look.

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Things You Will Need:

  1. A spray bottle of water
  2. A pick
  3. Gel
  4. Hair ties
  5. A brush (double sided recommended; soft and hard sides)
  6. A pack of braiding hair (I used Marley hair since it mimics coily and kinky hair texture)
  7. Bobby pins


  • The first thing you want to do is part your hair down the middle creating two parts for your pigtails.
  • Make sure your hair is wet. To do so, spray your hair generously with water. Work with one side at a time!
  • Choose a pigtail and detangle while wet with your pick.
  • Once your hair is detangled, you should easily be able to put it into a secure ponytail using a hair tie.
  • After your hair is secure, add gel to the top and bottom of your ponytail. Don’t be afraid of the gel (I recommended a gel with natural ingredients that won’t flake your hair, such as: Eco Styler, Clear Ice or Aloe Vera)
  • Get your braiding hair and start twisting it around your natural puff, hiding your hair. Secure with another hair tie or bobby pins.
  • Tie your hair down to dry with a scarf for about 20 mins or overnight (recommended)


Let me know if you try my new favorite style!

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Stay joyful! 🙂


2 responses to “Space Buns on Natural Hair”

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  2. Estás hecho todo un hipster (es bromuro, no te ralles)A mi tampoco me parece la maravilla que dicen todos pero enteetirne y vicia un rato, que no todos los juegos de ahora pueden decir eso. Y la banda sonora (eso si que si) es de puto diez.


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