Bright Eyed and Blank Faced

The West Coast needed this!


Schoolboy Q finally¬†dropped another album for us! I think the Hip Hop God’s are smiling.

TDE is having a great year thus far.

Kendrick Lamar took over the Grammy’s! SZA’s bound for greatness, hence her collaboration with Rihanna and now it’s Q season. I don’t know what more to ask Top Dawg for…

Groovy Q gave us so many vibes throughout this album, including the visuals to go along with them.

He recorded a three-part short film for the Blank Face LP which can be seen below

I’m so glad Q didn’t decide to quit rap the way he once intended to.

Wanting to be creative and perform for your fans, to provide food for your family, but missing out on your family for the sake of a check?

That’s the struggle that a lot of artists have to deal with and sacrifice. But when something is really in your heart as your passion, it never dies and you can’t escape it.


What makes me love this album so much is the importance of it. And not only the need for real Hip Hop, but the message it sends.

Throughout the short films you can see the “hood mentality” of those¬†in the streets but, also the side of them that makes them human and humane. Husbands, fathers and sons are taken away from their families everyday.

In today’s time, with all the tragedies still happening in the black community, it was vital to hear someone with such a board audience vent about their frustrations. Murders, incarcerations and the lack of justice that is plaguing our nation. We need an outlet! I’m proud of Q¬†for keeping it real, and not being silent about his and our reality.

With all the grit comes the hype, the chill, the woke and the sexy.

We all want to have fun. We are all just trying to live our lives. And with music as a  universal language, we have to update the soundtrack every now and again.

Features include talents like Kanye West, Jadakiss, Vinces Staples, E-40, SZA, Miguel, Justine Skye, and the introduction of his boys Traffic and TF, among many others artists.


With ScHoolboy Q’s short and intimate tour happening as I type, make sure you go out and support dope music. YEEERRRDAMEAN!

Blank Face LP can be found on iTunes, Tidal HiFi, Amazon and in stores now.

Don’t forget to follow me on all social media @JoyNavon

Until next time.. stay joyful my loves.


3 Replies to “Bright Eyed and Blank Faced”

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  2. Blank Face is definitely a solid album. Not many albums these days can be listened to from start to finish without skipping songs. I didn’t find myself having to do that with Blank Face. It’s good to see that Schoolboy Q is getting the recognition he rightfully deserves as an artist. Great post.


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