“This isn’t an album slandering her husband or her father or black men. This is an album saying, “I am human. I’m in a relationship that has had issues like everyone else’s. Nor is my family perfect like anyone else’s. I have been broken, but I have found my worth and I am not letting go of it. And neither should you.”

– Joy Navon


I open my mouth for once about pop culture and it goes viral, eh? Okay.


Queen B of the #BeyHive


She strips herself down and becomes vulnerable to not the world, but to herself first. She identifies with her life as it is now and how it was once before. She makes comparisons of the men she holds partly accountable for the strength she has as the women, Bey.. and the entertainer so many praise.

LEMONADE begins so loud. It’s said plain as day but, will fly right over your head.

Unless you listen.



Beyoncé goes through a period of denial, like a woman, like a human.

No one who has ever been hurt wants to believe it. You don’t want to believe that this is happening to you, so you sweep it under the rug. You act like it’s a fly that’ll eventually leave the room. So you don’t kill it, you shoe it away..


“I tried to change. Closed my mouth more. Tried to be soft, prettier. Less, awake.”

“You remind me of my father, a magician. Able to be in two places at one time.”

“I asked, are you cheating on me?”

giphy (1)


Angry? No. Madder than a muthf*ker.

In relationships we’re possessive. And not that we think we own anyone, but subconsciously act like we do. Cheated on? Abused? Disrespected?

You feel like, “How dare you!”

How dare you do anything to jeopardized the bond we hold so close. You’re offended as hell. So you get cocky..


“Hold up, they don’t love you like I love you. Slow down..”

giphy (3)


“Who the f*k do you think I am? You ain’t married to no average b*tch boy!”

Gritty and dark, and on purpose.

We all have a boiling point.

We start analyzing sh*t. We piece all the things together that we did for you. How we helped level you up. Took care of you, kept up with you.

Then, everything is shoved in your face.

We let you know we’d be fine without you. Rich without you. Sexy without you. And that we still have options..


“When you lie to me, you only lying to yourself..”

“Watch my fat ass twist boy, I as bounce on to the next d*ck boy!”

giphy (2)


I think it’s pretty obvious how elevated we pretend to be.

“I ain’t sorry, n*gga.. nah”

As black women, and yes. I’ll say it again, as black women, we have this notion of everlasting strength built up in our veins. We can’t let anyone see us fail. We’re not going to cry. We’re not going to roll over and sob.

Although we really do, in the comfort of our own beds.

So instead, we hook up with our girlfriends (the single ones) who don’t give a damn about a man and “live it up” like we’re just as free she.




Beyoncé’s creativity is worshipped and overlooked so much. The lyrics in this song say nothing but:

 “I have to fight through this. So as payback, I will slay and work my ass off. Karma is a b*tch and since it is, you’ll come back to me.”

Open your ears for me 👂🏾


“She crys from Monday to Friday, she works from Friday to Sunday..”

“Come back.”



It’s no secret that the relationship between Beyoncé and her father, Matthew has been rocky over the past few years due to the infidelity between him and her mother, Tina.

The respect that Bey holds for her mother is voiced repeatedly. She admires Tina as a woman and a mother, especially now that she’s a parent herself to Blue. No mother, especially of a daughter, wants their child to bare witness the struggle through heartache. Most importantly heartache caused by their father.

She makes the connection of Jay Z and Matthew very real by mentioning:

“Daddy warned me about men like you.”

It’s also no secret that Matthew wasn’t a real big Sean (Jay Z) Carter fan.


“Baby girl he’s playing you.”



When you’re committed to someone, especially through marriage, it’s very difficult to let go of all that you’ve accomplished and experienced with one another. This is the point where you have to ask yourself, “Is it worth it?”

Upset? Sad? Disappointed? Of course, you’re still all of these things but, with life comes maturity.

You release the negativity and open your eyes, heart and mind to the possibility of moving forward. Because it is, in her case.. very much worth it. It’s clear that regardless, she loves husband.


“The only way to go is up.”

“Cause you and me can move a mountain. You and me could stop this love drought.”



The reality of life is, nothing’s perfect. Even with taking someone back, especially after they hurt you, there will be growing pains.

You want to know that they’re really sorry and regretful. That they understand the damage that was caused and won’t burden you again. And yes, there may still be times when you want to give up and say.. “I’m leaving.”

You have to rebuild trust, communication, your friendship. And although it’s hard, it’s not impossible.


“Show me your scars, and I won’t walk away.”



This is straight forward. Beyoncé is moving forward.

And while doing so, there’s a want for the people in the world around her to join in.

Hence, the appearances made my police brutality victims families like Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and others.




Don’t quit on yourself.

She wants the black community to be strong and to continue to fight for themselves because #BlackLivesMatter.

Collaborating with an artist on this record, such as Kendrick Lamar yells “I’m standing with my people.”

Beyoncé has gone through ups and downs and she’s still here.


“Cause a winner don’t quit on themselves.”

giphy (4)


This is a testament to love. That’s it.

Plain and simple.


“Our love was stronger than your pride. Through the darkness I’m your light.”



And now that you all know, let’s get in formation and prove to the Queen that we’ve got some coordination.

LEMONADE, The Visual Album is available exclusively on Tidal and iTunes.


Follow me on all social media @JoyNavon 😉

Stay joyful.


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