She & Threads Co.

If you’re a college student into fashion, this should definitely peak your interest.

I had the pleasure of interviewing a vibrant member from “She & Threads Co.”, an up and coming fashion collective of extremely driven and creative students. They have big dreams of expanding their company and audience. Check out my interview and get to know some more about them 🙂

So, my first question for you has to be who is “She & Threads Co.”?

Ah, good question (giggles) We’re a fashion collective from Norfolk State University who helps people build their portfolios. And we don’t only work with fashion students or designers, we also cover makeup artists and anyone who works with cosmetology.

Nice! So how long have you been in business? How many designers do you have?

We’ve been together for a few months now. We’re fairly new but very passionate. We were founded by members Kendal and Ashley. Plus we also have around 10 team members, everyone has different jobs.

Who do you appeal to? Men, women, children?

We appeal to a younger crowd. People our age, college students.. so definitely young men and women.

Now I know you guys are new but, have you reached any milestones yet? And if so, what were they or what are they?

The only milestone I could really say we’ve reached is building our name in Norfolk, VA . We just want to get our name out there so people know who “She & Threads Co.” is! But we want everyone at different schools and universities to know us. And hopefully eventually expand to different campuses so everyone gets a “She & Threads” you know..

I think it would be really dope to have something like that on college campuses, especially HBCUs. That’s something we’re lacking for sure. So have you faced any challenges building your brand? What were they?

Um.. honestly, the only challenges we’ve had have been members opinions, everyone just has a lot of ideas! So that can be challenging sometimes.

For sure, when you’re working in large groups that’ll definitely happen. Where do you see your company in 5 years?

Definitely expanding on the East Coast. Hopefully having an actual building to work out of and starting a college chain.

Nice! What inspires you guys? What would you say keeps everyone motivated?

I feel like everyone stays inspired because we’re all so passionate about what we do. We all eat, sleep and breathe fashion! I know for most of us it’s been something that’s been apart of us since we were younger so it just comes naturally.

I can definitely relate to that! So lastly, tell me, what advice would you give young entrepreneurs? Especially young girls?

No dream is too big!

My grandmother would tell me to remain passionate. So I would just say that no dream is too big, go for your dreams no matter what!

There’s no doubt in my mind that She & Threads Co. is going to go far. They’re so sweet and passionate with great ideas and intentions, I’m excited for their future!

Make sure you check them out on..

Tumblr & Instagram @sheandtreadsco

Don’t forget to stay joyful my loves!


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