A Year Older, A Year Wiser 🎂

Today’s my birthday, this special day comes once a year for all of us. Birthday’s are typically filled with selfish wants, desires, pampering, etc. And while that’s all great and wonderful, this go around I spent it a little bit differently..

Every year I have girl talks about infamous birthday plans. Half the time, I plan one thing and wined up doing the polar opposite. As I get older I’ve come to realize that celebrating isn’t a big deal, nor is it overrated to me; I just so happen to see everyday as a celebration.

I woke up like it was any other day, had breakfast, watched cartoons (Yes, I still watch cartoons).. but it wasn’t just another day. It marked 22 years of lessons learned, bridges burned, tears of laughter shed and milestones completed.

It’s important to step back every now again to focus on yourself, your goals and what makes you, you! Year 21 changed my life completely.

Now of course, if you let Kent tell it, my special day isn’t successful if I don’t feel like a queen the whole time. #Spoiled 🙊

After we shot my “Birthday GRWM” video for my Youtube channel, we decided to have a photoshoot in the park until the sun went down.

Once the random “Hello” Adele theme came into play, we had a birthday dinner date at Outback.

My craving for ribs was definitely satisfied. After that, all I needed was my pjs, childhood home movies and a cup of hot chocolate, and that’s exactly what I got! 😊

Plus, I also got to cuddle with this handsome guy. 😍

At random, Kent and my mom sang me Happy Birthday, it was the cutest btw. And at last, I was comfy under the covers while Save the Last Dance played in the background.

Cherish the little things and never sweat the small stuff. That’s my major key 🔑 for the new year.

I can’t wait to see what year 22 brings me! 🎈

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Follow Kent on Instagram @true_artistry and add him on Snapchat @maur_dope

Stay joyful my lovelies 😘


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