Perfect Curly Fro Tutorial!

I love my natural hair. I get to style and play with it in so many different ways. I’ve been wearing protective styles a lot lately, with me being away at school and all, it’s just easier. But now that I’m home I get to be as free as a bird for a little while.

I didn’t want to do my usual twist-out or bantu knots so I decided to do a roller-set instead. It was a pretty simple process.


1. Washed my hair with my favorite shampoo and conditioner, V05

$1 or less at Walmart
2. Blow dried my hair on low heat

3. Moisturized my hair with Cantu Shea Butter


4. I applied some Eco Styler Gel to my hair as I rolled it with some perm rod rollers

5. After sleeping with a bonet on my hair overnight, I picked out my hair at the root, making sure not to comb out the curls


6. I played with my hair until I got my desired look!

And that’s it!

Watch me create the “Perfect Curly Fro”

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Stay joyful you guys!


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