VSU Homecoming 2015


Is it Homecoming season again already?!

This was my last Homecoming at Virginia State University as an undergrad, which made it bittersweet but I had a blast!

There were several events held throughout week including the Homecoming talent show, Hip Hop concert, comedy show, pep rally and much more. I wasn’t able to attend everything due to work, but out of the events that I did go to, I could say I definitely enjoyed them all.


Homecoming weekend is really when everything pops off! Friday was the start of my fun. I attended the Hip Hop concert featuring Chris Scholar, a new upcoming artist with a creative spirit and a beautiful singing voice. Jacquees, known for his take on popular songs like Persian Rugs, and Migos, known for their hit singles Fight Night, Hannah Montana, Bando and Versace featuring Drake.

I had the pleasure of networking with Chris Scholar and his team while he was at my school. He has some really dope music coming out, a true natural talent. Check him out!

The rest of my weekend was spent with my two best friends. Kent and I spent the day on campus, we went to the football game and enjoyed all the vendors and socializing on the yard.

(Fun on Snapchat πŸ‘» @joynavon)


To end the VSU turn up, I met up with my babygirl Kendra at Club Infuzion in Richmond for Alumni night.

I wouldn’t change my Homecoming experience for anything, it was perfect. I can’t wait for VSUHC2K16! πŸ˜‹

Check out some more fun on the land of Troy on Youtube. A fellow Trojan of mine, Lorenzo Cheatham caught all the action! Follow him on Instagram @lcphotography90

And don’t forget to follow me on all social media πŸ“² @joynavon

Who’s your alma mater, and what’s some of your favorite Homecoming experiences? Comment and let me know.

Stay joyful! 😘


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