Brilliant Beauty Buys!

Joy! What foundation do you use? What’s your makeup regime? What products do you recommend?”

You asked, here’s the answers..

On a day to day basis I get questions about my everyday face routine. I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to share some recommendations and tips with you guys on what I do to keep my makeup looking flawless!




L’Oreal’s True Match foundation is the only foundation I’ve ever used and it’ll probably stay that way. I use the color C8 “Cocoa” for my complexion. It’s extremely lightweight and the shade blends with my skin perfectly. It doesn’t make my skin oily or dry and it never makes me look cakey. I look I love it so much.

Pricing: $8 at Walmart, Target and Ulta



In a previous post of mine I mentioned using my Covergirl’s Concealer Stick all the time but I truly use this one more nowadays.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer is to die for you guys!

It comes in so many different shades and I honestly want all of them. They’re perfect for concealing any blemishes or scars you may have and awesome for highlighting and contours. I recently started using the color “Fawn” for my eyebrow routine (Click here to out my eyebrow tutorial)

Pricing: $5 at your local beauty supply stores



As mentioned in my eyebrow tutorialAnastasia Beverly Hill’s Dipbrow Pomade is my best friend. Since I am uber obsessed with the appearance of my brows, I need the best product I can use; and this ladies is the best of the best!

I myself use the color “Chocolate”. I adore the warmth in the tone of brown, it always helps bring my makeup together.

Pricing: $18 at Sephora



This has to be my absolute favorite eyeliner ever! Personally I’m not a fan of using pencils for my eyes and with liquid liners, the brushes sometimes suck! But L.A. Colors Liquid Eyeliner is perfect for me.

I never have to worry about this liner fading out either, it honestly lasts me all day.

Pricing: $1 at Dollar Tree



I don’t have a specific type or brand of brushes that I use; but I will say for any lover of makeup, especially beginners, you need to invest in a pack brushes!

You can find makeup brushes practically anywhere. Just search ladies, and remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune on products to look like a million bucks.

If you’re interested in some more of my favorite makeup products click here to check them out!

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Stay joyful!


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