Arts in the Heart 2015


imageUgh! You guys..

I’ve been waiting all summer for Fall, just so I could go to Arts in the Heart! Kent introduced me to this art festival in Georgia, it was one of our first dates actually. I fell in love instantly! If you’re artsy and creative, or even love music and dance, this is somewhere you want to be.




We arrived downtown fairly early in the morning, it was about 10am. Artists and vendors were still setting up so instead we decided to take advantage of a miniature photo shoot. Who doesn’t like to indulge in a good lighting and perfect backdrops right? πŸ˜† image

Being able to do things we both enjoy is always fun. In relationships, marriage or when dating, it’s vital. Make sure you always do things that brings you both happiness, things you can equally get excited about and share with one another.

image image

Kent and I walked around exploring for a while before we decided to stop and really get into some artwork. There’s live music, live dancing from all age groups and live artwork. Since we arrived early we had the benefit of being there before it got crowded. It was nice to see everything in a relaxed environment.



We had our minds set on getting food from one of the vendors. There’s food from multiple cultures: India, Sweden, Jamaica, Trinidad, Thailand, Latin America and many more. This year we were too full from breakfast to buy anything but everything smelled so good. We did wined up getting some snow cones though, we’ve been craving them all summer! 😩


There’s two artists we look forward to seeing. This young lady makes paintings on the street using spraypaint and sponges. And then there’s Billy, he’s so awesome, and you can tell by his hippie inspired artwork πŸ˜„ Right up our alley! 😍

image imageIMG_0471

Finally we visited the Riverwalk. We love going to the riverwalk for peace and serenity. The views are beautiful and the atmosphere is set perfectly. Even sitting on a bench and watching the reflection of the homes on the water… stunning!


This year’s Arts in the Heart was a great one. Next year’s goals are to get some Thai food, a henna tattoo and catch the live Jazz show..

What are some of your favorite things to do with your partner or spouse?

  • Dinner & a movie
  • Picnics in the park
  • Museum visits
  • Road trips

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