NYC “Circle Line Cruise”

I’m the prime example of one of those, “I lived in New York City all my life and never been to the monuments” people.

I’ve always wanted to go on a sight-seeing cruise. I imagined them to be really beautiful and peaceful. It’s a cool way of looking at a city or an island differently. For years my family and I have been planning on experiencing one, but as you can imagine, tickets are booked so quickly in a place like New York City.

So it’s my last weekend home in New Jersey before my senior year of college starts, my mother and grandmother decided to spend that Saturday in Manhattan. I had no idea what we were doing but I didn’t bother to ask. We get to Times Square and my grandmother says, “We’re going sight-seeing!” I automatically got excited. I love doing tourist-like things, even in the city that raised me, I just love being a Yankee that much 🙂


Luckily the weather was perfect, the sun was beaming all afternoon. Our tour guide was really friendly as well. The ship left at 2pm and the tour was three hours long. Time really flew by. Of course he took us around all 5 boroughs and New Jersey. The boat was packed but comfortable. We all took the pictures we could take! I was trying to take professional pictures and Snapchat at the same, which was hilarious. All the while being paranoid of dropping my electronics in the ocean 😦 (Sitting at the edge of a ship will do that to you) But anything for the best pictures right?! 😀



Later on after the cruise we grabbed dinner. If you EVER go to New York City, go to Dallas BBQs for lunch or dinner. It’s the place to be, especially if you like wings, ribs and liquor 😉


IMG_7896Overall, the cruise was an awesome experience and I can’t wait to go on another one. It’s the perfect thing to do on a nice day for anyone. Have a day out with friends or family, you can even bring your kids. And of course it’s the perfect date! The only thing I’ll recommend is that you get there early so you can be first in line to pick your ideal seat. You don’t want to get stuck inside the ship when all the beauty’s outside. But I’m definitely booking a night time cruise the next time. I know that view is incredible!

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