Protective Styles: Maintenance!

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I love my protective styles. I’m pretty addicted to them if I’m being honest, but maintaining them can be a job if you don’t take care of your natural hair. Sure, you can leave styles in for weeks and even months on end, but what happens when you take your extensions out? We have to keep a healthy head of hair ladies!!!


  • Olive or coconut oil
  • Eco styler gel (or any other styling gel or edge control)
  • Braid spray
  • Bonnet or silk scarf
  • Olive oil sheen spray


Maintenance is easy once you get the hang of things. I have a routine that works great for me! Hopefully you can take some of my tips and apply it to your own beauty regiments 🙂



  1. Lay your edges before bed with a soft bristle brush or a toothbrush
  2. You can use a scarf to tie them down or just wear your bonnet for a more secure and comfortable fit


  1. After taking your scarf or bonnet off before you start your day, you want to make sure your protective style shines. Spray your Olive oil sheen spray onto your hair in an even amount and use your hands to ensure you get all of your hair moisturized.


  1. On a weekly basis you have to take care of your scalp, especially after shampooing and conditioning your hair. Take a few drops of your olive or coconut oil in your hand and massage your scalp thoroughly. You can even rub it on your braids, locs, twists or crotchet braids for shine as well.
  2. You repeat the same steps with your braid spray. But of course instead, you spray your scalp and hair since it has a nozzle. You want to spray the product instead of pouring it in your hands, that way you don’t use too much.


** PLUS **

Just another fyi, I’m able to keep my protective styles longer than average women because I choose to redo my hair every 3-4 weeks. It’s a personal choice of mine, it just works for me and sometimes I just get bored. I’ve learned how to style hair very well from my older sister, who’s a hairstylist. Being away at college far from home and not trusting anyone to do my hair, I just personally prefer to redo my styles. But it’s honestly because I’m very particular about my hair. Why pay someone to do something I could do myself? 🙂 Truthfully, I wouldn’t suggest most people to do their own hair unless they’re comfortable with it. We all deserve the best ladies!!!

I hope my suggestions help. Leave comments and let me know! Also check out my Youtube channel for how I style my faux locs 🙂

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Stay joyful 😘


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