Beach Bums

So it’s the beginning of the semester and we needed a mental break.

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ve been to Virginia Beach once before but this IMG_8350was Kent’s first time. It was a cloudy beach day towards the beginning and I was praying it wouldn’t rain. Soon after we walked the strip and checked out the views, luckily for us the sun opened up and we wound up having the perfect day.

We walked around the boardwalk, explored some gift shops, grabbed some Ben & Jerry’s and saw some live music. Nothing but good vibes.

Something that I found to be really cool was the carnival on the boardwalk. The view from the ferris wheel was beautiful and the rides are very family friendly. And although we didn’t eat anything at the carnival, the food and snacks were really tempting.



We did wined up going to dinner on the boardwalk, and for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the restaurant 😦 But it was such a nice place. The setting was a typical outdoor pizza joint. But course like Joy and Kent, we didn’t get pizza 🙂 We had some good ole’ fashioned wings and fries along side some mozzarella sticks and Long Island Iced Teas for a cool down, talk about FULL!

After the sun went down we went back to the beach. I love beaches at night. It’s not crowded, the sand is cool on your feet and all you hear is waves. Everything is peaceful and at ease. It’s a great escape with your partner or spouse, friends and even by yourself. The only thing we were missing was a bondfire 😉


Overall our trip to Virginia Beach was a success and we’re already talking about going back. I would definitely recommend a beach day for as a perfect inexpensive date. Just grab a towel, your bathing suit, some cold drinks and have a mini bae-cation!

Stay joyful ❤

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