Protective Styles!!!!!!!

This post is so long overdue but it’s finally here!

Protective styling is so important for us girls who like versatility but care about keeping a healthy head of hair. It’s summer (finally) and it’s so hot all the time, so if you’re natural like me.. you might not want to do your hair everyday with the twist outs and braid outs and bantu knots, trust me girl.. I GET IT! So here’s a few styles that I love to do that are easy to manage, long-lasting and cuteeee.



As I’m sure we all know braids are MOST POPULAR hair choice when it comes to protective styles. Box braids, cornrows, crotchet braids.. I mean the list goes on and on. They’re definitely a personal favorite of mine. They last the longest out of any style. You can wash them, re-braid them, wake up in the morning, lay your edges and be out the door. Experimenting when colors is fun too if you’re into being bold. They’re the best for letting your hair grow and great for girls with shorter hair in the winter. Braids will never ever in life go out of style. Long or short.. I love it, I love it.





A personal trademark of mine are my Marley twists. What I love about twists is that depending on the size and texture of them they can look completely different. And they can last almost as long as braids do.

tumblr_npidksTxSq1u3hbkao1_500     tumblr_n6k9sdd0Uu1r9x57yo1_500





Okay so.. crotchet braids have to be the greatest hairstyle idea ever made known to man. This is mainly the only thing I do to my hair nowadays. You can pretty much have any hairstyle you without getting a weave. Straight hair, big hair, short hair, long hair.. it doesn’t even matter.

BEYONCE-2 tumblr_mxpjtkZ1x21qb66x7o1_500

SZA-hair-posterchild-1_192730796063                            109021756


Now last but not least of course are my newest obsession. Wigs, duh. Wigs are the best thing in the world because you can be whoever you want whenever you want. You don’t have to go through the process of sitting in a salon chair for hours or painful headaches because your hair is too tight. The only thing about wigs is that you don’t want them to look like a wig and the more realistic ones can get pricey. So what I do is make mine!


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

       This was made with 6 small packs of Kanekalon hair curled on medium sized perm rod rollers.

I wanted a curly wig for the summer and winter but I didn’t want to pay $200 for the ones that I really loved. It took me no time to crotchet the hair on to the wig cap. And I love the end result.


I’ve just been having fun. Be creative and express yourself with your hair ladies, never be afraid to be you!

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