Lovers and Friends

Relationships. Everyone’s favorite topic right? Now speaking for myself, I could definitely say that a partnership was something I’ve always wanted. Someone to hold, build, laugh with and disagree with. See now.. the part that most of us typically leave out and sometimes never figure out is what makes up a good relationship. And I mean a strong, healthy, pleasurable relationship. Of course I’m no expert, I’m still figuring things out day by day myself, but what I will say is I find that having a friendship is key. If you think about it, we all have that “friend”.. the one who’s so nice and sweet to us, who’ll tell it like it is to our face, can joke around with, they’re great company but we just refuse to date for the “I don’t want to mess anything up between us” reason. That DUMBASS reason. Who better to date than your friend? When you’re with someone for a while it’s important to remain close, for you to feel like you have fun when you hang out, like you can be open and honest and talk to each other about whatever. Just basically the same way you are with your friends. But there’s a catch…

You aren’t just friends, you’re lovers also. Imagine being able to have the best of both worlds wrapped into one person. One person that was just meant for you. It sounds like the life doesn’t it? And it honestly isn’t impossible. Unfortunately so many of us miss out on something great chasing after something that’s just good or has potential. We run away out of fear of the unknown. We have to dig deeper into ourselves and think outside of what we want. Put the shallow wishlist aside and focus on what you need for yourself. I can almost guarntee you, once you cover your end, destiny will finish off the rest for you. And who knows… “Mr or Mrs Right” could’ve been under your nose the whole…time…

Stay joyful 😘


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