A lot of people (friends, family and strangers) have been coming to me with their troubles and insecurities lately. Mostly I find that many of us tend to lack self confidence. Our self-esteem is either really low or we tend to look to others for validation. Now we’re all human.. we’re only human. We’re allowed to have an off day every now and again, but in those days we have to remind ourselves of just that.. “… we’re all human.. we’re only human. We’re allowed to have an off day every now and again” Because it’s O K! It’s okay for you to have feelings, and self doubt, and not feel like superman/woman all the time, but you can’t let that take over your mind and discourage you. What I find that helps some people is to talk about it. People often come to me because I’m like a vault, I don’t judge and I don’t tell them what to do. I just listen. I believe that’s most of us want.. someone there to listen to us. So find the person you feel the most comfortable with. Friend, relative, spouse, a higher being (God, Allah, etc.) it doesn’t matter. Just GET IT OUT! Release it. We have to get to know ourselves. When you do it’s a lot easier to deal with certain things. But when you do find yourself, and you’re comfortable on your own.. own it! Live in it! Bathe in it!!! Just be the HECK out of who. you. are.

But until next time you guys..

Stay joyful šŸ˜˜


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