This week’s woman crush Wednesdays are Solange and Tracee Ellis Ross. I absolutely adore these women, and not only for their the beauty but for what they stand for as well.


I’ve been a fan of Solange’s for as long as I could remember. Dating back to the 90s when she was just known as Beyonce’s kid sister. I just love how she’s blossomed into such a fashion icon and made a name for herself that sets her apart from anyone else. I live for the hairstyle statements she makes. But her big heart and down-to-earth personality make me love her even more. YASSSS SOLANGE! WERK GURL!




tumblr_nltq20znOG1qd1yv1o1_500Now as the daughter of the FABULOUS Ms. Diana Ross huntyyy.. you KNOW Tracee had huge shoes to fill and boy has she filled them! With her hilarious sense of humor and outgoing personality, you can’t help but pay attention to her. We loved Ms. Ross on “Girlfriends” and she’s turning heads on her new show “Blackish” with Anthony Anderson.


Along with her new NAACP Image award, she’s constantly dropping knowledge on us in her radio and magazine interviews. Plus her alter-ego “T-MURDA” keeps her social media followers beyond entertained with her rapping skills.

“I just strongly promote pushing against this culture of perfection.”

Thanks for reminding us that’s it’s nothing wrong with being yourself. We luvvvv you Tracee 🙂



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