Hi :)

IMG_2210I’m Joy Navon, everyone’s favorite Capricorn (Shout out to all my December babies) A college senior, majoring in Mass Communications. I was born in Brooklyn, New York or the concrete jungle as I like to call it. My story’s pretty simple, I was raised by my grandmother in Petersburg, Virginia as a youngin’ until I went back to NYC for school. And although I currently live in New Jersey, you couldn’t get the New Yorker out of me if you tried. I love my family and friends to pieces, they’re my everything. They give me purpose to follow my dreams and accomplish as much as I possibly can. I’ve always been extremely ambitious, I have a passion for anything artistic and I love everything beautiful. I’m so proud of myself and the woman I’m growing into, I just appreciate life for what it is and fien to experience each day. I hope you guys are entertained with all we have to offer here. I’m so excited to share our journey.

Thanks for visiting!


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  1. He's obviously just trying to be Rudy 2 and start a second career as a moaiiatvontl speaker. When this is over he'll be good, but not PGA material. They'll give him some exhibition rounds an he'll get some good press, then spend the rest of his life talking to high school kids and trying to talk people into making a movie about him.


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