IMG_8107For a really long time I felt alone, here I am.. a new college student with a long life ahead of me, friends all around, parties and social events to attend all semester and I felt alone. Crazy right? Well I moved to Virginia for school, coming from New York that’s a pretty wide stretch. No family or anyone that I knew all that well.. so I had a fresh start. Now you would think that’d be exciting, which it partly was.. but I was nervous. I had recently ended a long-term relationship of mine which took a toll on me, so I was anxious to branch out and meet new people. It didn’t really happen that way though. I found myself with a lot of lonely, sleepless nights. And even with family and friends back home to communicate with, things just weren’t the same. Now I will say this was a life changing stage for me. You know the saying “You find yourself in college”, that was exactly the case for me. With all the extra time I had to myself, I got to know myself… what I liked, what I didn’t like, what grabbed my attention, what I was passionate about, pretty much everything! And most importantly to me, my spiritual connection with Christ grew in ways I had always wanted them to. Now everything was almost lined up for me but something was missing, I needed something new, something fresh, something beautiful. I needed a blessing.. and along came this guy..

IMG_3894New year, new me! With a lot less to work with. Just lost my job of 20 months, and with it, a close to stable future. No job, no car, no piece of mind. It wasn’t the ideal times, and far from the American dream, but one thing that I held my hat on was my faith. Been over two years since I’ve had a companion to talk and confide in, I was really feeling overwhelmed with my own mind and emotions. Had a couple friends here and there, but nothing life changing… So I needed change… One thing that I’ve learned in my life is that in times of great triumph as well as defeat, you must remain humble, be thankful, and pray. Work opportunities started presenting themselves and my overall confidence was going up. The Lord was definitely working overtime in my favor. Doors that I needed open were opening, and doors that should’ve been closed were beginning to close. Still rockin’ solo, but the lord again had his plans…. “I like your eyes….”

That was one of the first things he ever said to me, and honestly.. the rest is history. It’s kind of cheesy to say but it was like love at first sight. Our connection and bond from day one was something neither one of us had ever experienced. It’s amazing how life happens. Sometimes it takes two people to go through a hardship or two to find each other. You fall down, dust your shoulders off and there’s your missing puzzle piece right in front of you. Over a year later and we’re still here. Ups and downs of course but we’re here. And at the end of the day, the number one thing above all is keeping the Lord first and keeping faith in everything he has planned for us. This being one of the many platforms we plan on using, and boy.. what a ride this’ll be..



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